How do I hide and delete Suggested Posts on Facebook

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook looks different today. They’ve added one cool features: Suggested Posts, which appears on your News Feed.

To stop Suggested Posts from appearing on your news feed, you need to edit 3rd party ad settings:

1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on the dropdown menu beside home and privacy button (top right-hand corner). A dropdown menu will expand with several account options:
3. Click on Account Settings
4. Click on Ads
5. Click edit on ‘Third Party Sites’
6. Beside ‘If we allow this in the future, show my information to’ click the drop-down and choose either ‘No One’ or ‘Only my friends’
7. Click on ‘save Changes’
8. You’re done

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It doesn’t work. My prefs are already set to “No one” and I’m getting Suggested Posts. Curse you FB.


1. Launch Facebook from a browser (don’t use the mobile app for this task)
2. Find the suggested post on your newsfeed
3. Click comment - this should cause the drop down to appear on the upper right of the suggested post
4. Click the drop down arrow - you should see a hide option.
5. Click hide, which should also display an option to hide all future suggested posts from this advertiser.

At least this worked for me…..

Information is incorrect. Like the first commenter, my settings are already set to “No one” for all privacy options. Suggested Posts are here to stay it would seem.


I’m leaving this comment on every “Suggested” post to my newsfeed.
“I didn’t ask for this.
Facebook Spam!
Shameful behaviour by Facebook!”

Hopefully the more people who leave comments like this, the more Facebook will get the message. After all FB has only gained its power and popularity because of us. So they should listen.


And facebook said theyll always be free… Rubbish! Trashy ads that none of us will fall for anyway.. A click to your website doesnt mean we’ll buy ..idiots


Choosing hide no longer works on Facebook as once you revisit or simply refresh the page the annoying spam ads are all back.

My setting have been set to “no one” for months now and there are times I get 20+ suggested post ads a day. I have deleted any friend who was associated with the site as well as unliked 90% of the facebook pages and all the other garbage.

Facebook’s militant advertising policy will be it’s failure. People are spending less and less time on there because of the ad attacks.


Your suggestion is welcome but is useless. It does NOT work. Why did you post it?

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