Deprecated: Function eregi_replace() is deprecated in

Deprecated: Function eregi_replace() is deprecated in /home/ilmuit/public_html/rssfeed.php on line 21
I am writing a simple RSS feed and I am getting the above error.
If you wonder what could it mean? It means that very sooner or later the eregi_replace() function will no longer exist in PHP, it is superseded by preg_replace(), and you should be [...]

Sorry, but this page didn’t load properly. Please try again

I am having the problem on Facebook Page for the last 2 hours. Very frustating.
“Sorry, but this page didn’t load properly. Please try again”

I’ve switched browsers, logged out, and used a different computer. It didn’t load properly. It took about an hour of refreshing browser (IE, Chrome & Firefox). If you are having the same [...]

Firefox: Missing Clear Recent History button in Tools menu

I just upgraded my Firefox from 19 to 21.0 and the “Clear Recent History” function are now missing from Tools menu. What the heck? It’s a bug? or I can no longer clear the recent history now? Tried to downgraded, uninstalled and re-installed the Firefox but nothing has worked.
If you’re having the same problem, don’t [...]

How to View CHM Files Across The Network

While browsing a CHM files stored on my Buffalo NAS, I could see the help file appear, but instead of the topic text I only can see an error message “this page cannot be displayed”.
After doing some research, I found that security restrictions in Windows prevent me from viewing content in a CHM file on [...]

How To Download Tweets from Twitter

Updating message to Twitter is easy, but do you know that Twitter has a new feature that allow users to download and archive all the tweets from their accounts?
This post will show you how to download all your tweets from Twitter:
1) Login to your Twitter
2) Go to Settings page

3) Scroll down to Your Twitter Archive [...]

How do I hide and delete Suggested Posts on Facebook

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook looks different today. They’ve added one cool features: Suggested Posts, which appears on your News Feed.
To stop Suggested Posts from appearing on your news feed, you need to edit 3rd party ad settings:
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on the dropdown menu beside home and privacy button (top right-hand corner). A [...]

Download iOS 6 Developer Preview

iOS 6 is the latest version of the Apple’s mobile operating system with over 200 new features. iOS 6 is currently available as a Developer Preview for Mac developers to begin testing apps. Please note that this beta version of iOS 6 is intended for developers who are working on creating or updating apps.

To download [...]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released

If you’ve been waiting for long to get your own copy of Windows 8 and want to try it on your own PC, here’s the good news. You now can download the Windows 8 Release Preview from Microsoft’s new release preview website for FREE.

Windows 8 is the next version of Microsoft Windows, a series of [...]

Will your phone receive the Android 4.0 update?

Android 4.0 ICS a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of the Android Operating System for smart phones and tablets. ICS provide easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity and adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing.

DigitalTrends have made a list of Android smartphone or tablet that [...]

Best Free Websites to Get a Facebook Timeline Cover

Facebook is changing how we can express ourselves on our facebook page. With their new feature called “Timeline Profile” you are now free to express yourself with a big banner behind your profile picture. Here are some of the best websites to get cool facebook cover banner designs.
Pic Scatter:



TimelineCoverBanner: http://www.timelinecoverbanner